Welcome! My name is Jennifer Orozco. I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach and Leadership Consultant, and I specialize in empowering extraordinary people to create a life they absolutely love.

My clients are game changers. They are dream-chasers, risk-takers, and thought leaders. They are life-long learners, ready to experience EXPONENTIAL personal and professional growth. They are top-performers looking to amp-up their skill sets and kick start powerful changes into motion. They are highly motivated, but may need a "push" to regain true focus and clarity defining goals that ignite them.  They are perpetual achievers who know they are destined for greatness and are ready to stop getting in their own way, and start  taking meaningful pursuing the life of their dreams.

Does this sound like YOU?


Coaching is a collaborative, co-creative partnership designed to propel you forward towards manifesting the life of your dreams. You are the expert of YOU. As your coach, my role is to guide, encourage, and challenge you in the self-discovery of your maximum personal and professional potential.

You are the architect of your life's journey.  Maybe you are feeling lost, stuck, or uncertain on how to take that first step toward the future of your dreams. Maybe you are tired of letting fear, doubt, and insecurity roadblock you from reaching true happiness.  Maybe you've been chugging along just fine but haven't allowed yourself the freedom to dig deep and discover what truly brings you PURPOSE or who you really, REALLY want to be.  This is where I come in. I will be your accountability partner in making sure your actions align with the path you've set for yourself.  I will encourage you to do the kind of deep inner work that might seem scary at times, but open you to the world of infinite possibilities. I will help you to see the things that we often keep ourselves from seeing: you ARE powerful, you ARE exceptional, and you CAN turn any dream into a reality.

 Are you ready to let go of excuses, take control of your choices, and leap into the world of extraordinary? Let's get started!


Your sessions can take place in person through a face-to-face meeting, in a group setting, or virtually via computer/phone. No two clients are the same, and therefore, no two coaching experiences are alike.  We can design a package that works best for your lifestyle needs.

The true magic of coaching occurs when you are willing to step out of the comfort zone, get clear about what you really, REALLY want, open your mind to possibilities, and commit to the goals you've created.

I will serve as your unbiased, confidential sounding board.  I will provide you with resources and tools to supplement your progress, and I will help to hold you accountable, at your pace, for the action plan we set into motion.

We will utilize a diverse set of strengths-based, whole person techniques grounded in Positive Psychology, Cognitive/Behavioral Theory, and Leadership Development strategies to navigate our time together.

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I want you to be a "Hell yes!" when it comes to our coaching partnership and the best way to get there is to experience my coaching first hand. Schedule your gifted initial session together today!