With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Purdue University and a Master of Social Work Degree from Indiana University, I have spent the last decade studying and implementing cognitive and behavioral change theory with the aim of helping others achieve purpose, fulfillment, and wellness. My professional endeavors have spanned a number of psychological fields including Licensed Therapy, Zoological Animal Training, and Human Resources Management.  The common thread in the patchwork of my own path has always been a passion to empower others in living a life they absolutely love.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I truly believe that my clients possess the skill, talent, and knowledge necessary to manifest their wildest dreams.  My style is solution-focused, and I serve from a place of unconditional positive regard.  My goal is to create a partnership with my clients in which they can feel safe and secure navigating past obstacles into the realm of limitless possibility, and I do this by imploring raw human empathy, direct but compassionate accountability, and a little dose of humor now and then!

I believe in the power of Personal Coaching because I've experienced its magic first hand in my own personal growth.  Life can be unpredictable, messy, and leave you feeling completely "meh." Together, you will learn to become BOLD, BRAVE, and FEARLESS in settling for nothing less than Your Most Awesome Self!

Values that guide me:

- Abundance Mindset: belief that the world is constantly filled with new opportunities, alternative paths, and limitless resources

- Curiosity: A heightened desire to learn, explore, and discover the beauty in all things.

- Integrity: 

- Humor: To remember that life should be FUN and that it's OK to laugh at our own "humanness."

- Zest: Pursuing life with passion and flare even when it's tough to do so.

- Positivity: to see the strengths in others, to value each individual for what the uniquely contribute to the world.

- LOVE: Putting love first in everything you do. Love for others, love for the world, love for our selves, love for our careers, love for life. To me, this one word encompasses it all.