Life Coaching is ideal for those seeking a powerful, overarching transformation in the happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity they seek to experience on a day-to-day basis.  Example areas of growth might be short/long term goal setting, creating an extraordinary vision for the future, identifying personal values/strengths, eliminating negative belief systems, defining passions, or enhancing personal/professional wellness.


Executive Coaching is ideal for high performing, corporate rock-stars ready to truly hone in on their unique leadership style/skill in order to launch their personal, team, and business successes to the highest level.  Example areas of growth might be positive stress management, developing executive presence, effective communication techniques, identifying leadership styles, Emotional Intelligence building, increasing employee engagement, or strategic planning.


Relationship Coaching is ideal for those looking to create, nurture, and explore healthy/happy interpersonal connections; whether that be with a significant other, family, or friends.  Example areas of growth might be setting healthy boundaries, creating positive patterns of thinking, confidence building, effective communication skills, conflict management, or enhancing self-awareness.


Career Coaching is ideal for those searching for a professional life that ignites, motivates, and inspires. For some, that might be finding clarity/purpose in their current position, while for others, this may mean navigating a totally new career transition.  Example areas of growth might be identifying personal values and strengths, resume building, interviewing practice, creating a professional network, enhancing leadership skills, time management, conflict resolution, or goal setting.


Group Coaching can be designed to meet the unique needs of your organization, team, or business. Group coaching can be facilitated as a session for individuals tackling similar areas of growth, in the form of a workshop to promote team dynamics, or in a presentation platform on the topic of your choosing.